Independent Living,

You're Going to Love Echo Lake

Sophisticated surroundings, unparalleled hospitality, with a focus on aging well.

Breaking Ground on a Groundbreaking New Lifestyle Concept

In late 2018, 250 stylish apartments will make their debut at the ‘Live, Work, Play’-style development at Atwater.

The Joy of Living Wisely

At the leading edge of the ‘aging well’ movement, Echo Lake will include a 4,500 square foot fitness and wellness center, innovative dining built around the latest trends in nutrition and culinary arts, and a catalog of programming that dares you to explore. Oh, and the views! Wait until you see the views. Think cruise ship, think country club, think spa...and then, let your imagination run wild.

Coming in 2018

Construction is underway! Check back here for a progress report.

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