Safety, the Essential Amenity

Echo Lake features a plethora of desirable amenities; club-like spaces for socializing and entertaining, including a rooftop bar, multiple dining options, a 4,500-square-foot fitness and wellness center, theatre, sports simulation lounge,  library and more. And, Atwater entertainment, dining and shopping options are within easy walking distance.

There is one not-so-visible amenity, however, that sets Echo Lake apart. SageLife is known for its emphasis on safety and Charles Hall Construction, the construction company for Echo Lake, has built many impressive safety features into the community.

  • Each of the 250 apartments is its own “envelope”, enclosed with fire rated walls, ceilings and floors. The independent living apartments are one hour rated and the assisted living and memory care apartments are two hour rated. 
  • The community is built to International Building Code Type I and Type II standards; the highest standards for fire safe construction.
  • There are six stair towers in the building. This feature improves resident accessibility to a safe exit from the building in the event of a fire.
  • Doors and adjacent walls in each stairwell are equipped with magnets that keep the doors open under normal circumstances. But when the building’s fire alarm sounds, the magnets will release, closing, but not locking, the door, forming a safety envelope on the stairwell platform that is two hour rated.
  • The stairwell platforms measure 9 feet by 13 feet and are called an “area of rescue.” The oversize design of these platforms along with the two-hour-rated stairwell walls are intended to keep groups of residents safe in case of a fire. And, a “rescue button” is located just inside each stairwell door. Pushing the button will send a signal to a fire alarm panel at the building’s entrance, alerting fire and rescue personnel to the stairwell where the residents are located.
  • The doors between the four sections of the community are three hour rated against fire.
  • The community’s trash chute is two hour rated. Trash chutes are a common place for fires to start.

According to Anthony Iorfida, Senior Project Superintendent for Echo Lake’s construction, focusing on residents’ safety is how all senior living communities should be built.

“Charles Hall Construction specializes in building senior living communities, and we’ve earned a reputation for constructing these communities to be as safe as possible,” Iorfida says. “We believe this is the only way to design and build senior communities.”

“We firmly believe community living is the best way to fully realize the potential of our senior years,” says Kelly Andress, founder and president of SageLife. “With that in mind, resident safety is of the highest priority. Peace of mind regarding safety enhances the dynamic lifestyle that is the key benefit of SageLife communities."

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