Smart Home Senior Living

Using Technology to Facilitate Independence

Our communities have tremendous flexibility in their ability to customize services, so they can provide the amenities and care residents want on their terms – such as smart home technology.

Smart home technology facilitates independence in senior living communities. By implementing this technology our residents have the ability to reside longer in independent living. 

In many ways this technology removes multiple barriers to independence. 

Voice-activated lights, smart thermostats which learns and adjusts to habits, and mobile-enabled switches are just the tip of the ways smart home technology can help seniors retain their independence.

Seniors are more tech savvy than they are given credit for; and COVID accelerated the adoption of various forms of technology by many seniors.

  • Virtual doctor visits
  • Zoom calls with family members
  • Online Church services
  • Virtual museum tours

Having a way to easily make video calls to anywhere in the country is often among the first things that comes to mind for seniors upon learning about Smart Home Technology. 

Quickly, they come to realize the numerous ways technology can improve their daily lives and independence. 

Installing smart home technology in our senior living apartments, allows our residents to reach a new level of independence in living.

One great example is the Automatic Door Opener. A resident by simply touching a portable remote control has the ability to independently open and close the front door. The remote controls are easily attached to a wheelchair, walker, or necklace giving the wearer maximum flexibility.

As we see it, Smart Home technology is a virtual enabler for our residents. Our Smart Home Technology Includes:

  • Amazon Echo 
  • Voice Controlled Thermostat
  • Smart Switches and Plugs 
  • Smart Light Bulbs
  • Smart locks
  • Smart Doorbell
  • Indoor Camera
  • TV & Entertainment Voice Control
  • Protect Smart Sensor

From the 6ABC Story: 'Smart Home' technology helps seniors at Malvern retirement community'

74-year-old Steve Cushmore lives by himself in an apartment at Echo Lake retirement community. However, he is certainly not alone.

"Alexa, turn all the lights on, please," he said to his digital companion.

The cloud-based voice service created by Amazon has given the former lawyer a chance to stride into retirement.

"I've only been diagnosed with Parkinson's for about four years, but I'm really grateful for this smart technology," said Cushmore. "Makes me realize I'm going to be independent for a much longer period of time than I thought."